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Catamaran Catering

The catamaran menu can be one of 4 main dishes
4 main choices for the charter

The catamaran charter offers 4 main choices between Ribs, wings, chicken bbq and sandwiches; these options are top choice for drinkers, and those who engage in a lot of water activities, thus getting very hungry. Chicken can be glazed, grilled, barbecued or breaded; with side dishes such as vegetables, potatoes, etc.

Customized food orders are available under special request, contact us for more details. Puerto Plata catamaran charters also include a case of beer; also sodas, and water bottles. The catamaran has plenty of ice coolers for any mixers or extra drinks the group might bring along. The Lagoon 52 catamaran includes also a gallon of rum, which can be mixed with Coca Cola or enjoyed straight on the rocks.

Presidente Beer is included in the catamaran charters
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