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Puerto Plata Yachting

Puerto Plata Yachting

Puerto Plata yachting is one of the most dynamic activities within the tourism market; as this coastal city’s DNA is structured around boating, cruising, diving, snorkeling, and water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, laser sailing and other similar activities related to yachting. The North Dominican Republic is prime location for sports fishing too, notably with the yachts that depart from Ocean World Marina and Sosua Bay.

Marinas, Piers, Ports and Harbors

The most important marinas and harbors in Puerto Plata are:

  • The Luperon Marina, and its next door neighbor Puerto Blanco; this location in Luperon is a completely natural bay considered one of the safest in the Americas when it comes to protecting boats from a storm. There is a hotel and restaurant in the Puerto Blanco side of the bay, a must stop for boaters crossing the Caribbean from North to South and viceversa. Location: 19° 53′ 45.2148” N 70° 57′ 10.584” W Contact: 1 (809) 608-3085.
  • The Ocean World Marina in Cofresi, which is complete with marine park, restaurants, resort areas and amenities. This is a more modern marina with dry dock, repair and other services. Most large yachts make a stop at Ocean World, because of their specialized level of services. Location 19’50.095N – 70’43.535W Contact: 1-809-970-3373.
  • Playa Dorada, the first beach resort complex in the island is also an important location to consider, as some yachts and catamarans drop anchor offshore and take their fast boats into the shore. Next door Costa Dorada is also in the map of coastal beaches to visit when yachting in Puerto Plata.
  • Punta Bergantin is next in line, and even if construction won’t be ready until next year, you will want to know that this is a landmark project involving a marina, beach resort, movie studio by Vin Diesel and several large resorts and business centers.
  • Sosua Bay harbors many fishing yachts, smaller tour boats, catamarans and just about anyone sailing along the North Coast due to its beauty, snorkeling and amenities. This little beach town is world famous for its breathtaking scenery, resorts, villas, tours and nightlife.
  • Taino Bay is a cruise ship port built in the historic center of Puerto Plata, and opened its doors in late 2021; it became a hub to many cruise ship liners that had no other port available in the North region. Big brands such as Norwegian Cruise Line, Virgin Cruises, MSC, TUI, Regent, Royal Caribbean and virtually every other major player has visited Taino Bay.
  • Amber Cove is the exclusive port of Carnival Cruises in the North region of Dominican Republic, and the first modern port to open in 2015 since Puerto Plata recovered its status as the top DR destination. This one is located in Maimon Bay, and has seen the best cruise liners from this top brand visiting Puerto Plata.

Yachting Destinations

  • Puerto Plata has a good number of yachting destinations along the coast, mostly visited by the tourists who book a catamaran or yacht charter as part of their vacation in the island. Snorkel areas in Sosua  are a must visit, specially reefs where tropical fish are found.
  • A landmark tour is the Cayo Arena, a sandy coral island unique in its snorkel value- it is also called paradise island. It is reachable by sailing to it or driving to La Ensenada beach, about 2 hours away. The trip is worth it, and there is a luxury eco resort available, as well as some cheaper alternatives.
Cayo Arena
Cayo Arena is a bucket list item for boaters
  • Fricolandia is an oceanfront restaurant on a cliff, with a shallow oceanfront perfect for swimming, kayaking, jet skis and small boats. The place even offers helicopter tours for sightseeing, or pick up guests in Santiago or Puerto Plata. It is close to Luperon and its beaches, marina and other amenities. Fricolandia is a nice stop for boaters, just anchor at the proper depth and take the dinghy to the shore.
Fricolandia is a must visit when visiting Luperon
  • Alicia Beach in Sosua is one of the places we recommend, it is a beautiful golden sand beach in a cove, flanked by two restaurants that serve straight in the loungers. Every boater that has been in the North sails along this beach on the way to Three Rocks, a reef spot for snorkeling. 
  • Sosua Beach is by far the most active in terms of yachting, located inside the bay with the same name. It has a mile of sandy beach, plenty of restaurants, bars, dive shops and boats. Puerto Plata Catamaran charters depart from here too.
Alicia Beach, Sosua Puerto Plata
Alicia Beach in Sosua, Puerto Plata.
  • Imbert Beach is a stretch of golden sand inside a private property, and its importance is because it sits right in front of the coral reefs known as  Las Tres Rocas, The Three Rocks. These coral heads host a large group of tropical fish, and most catamaran charters and yachts make a stop here. One side of the beach was gone after a storm, and a jetty was built to contain the sand, creating a new beach and a small cove facing the Ocean Club Resort.
Imbert Beach
Imbert Beach is a snorkel point in Sosua
  • Sosua fishing charters take the sports fishermen on tours along the Puerto Plata coast to catch big game such as Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Barracuda, Tuna and other fish that visit the Atlantic Ocean. Boats such as Bertram, Hatteras, Viking and other brands are available for tours in the early morning or afternoon. 
  • Sosua Yacht Parties happen any day of the week, just book one or more boats and bring your best friends for half a day of exciting sailing, snorkel and partying. There is far more to see around the North Dominican Republic than we can cover in this article, be sure to keep coming back for more updates.
Sosua fishing
Sosua fishing charters depart every morning

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