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Resources in Puerto Plata

This page has useful resources to catamaran and yachting information, including local travel guides based in the Puerto Plata main beach towns; also articles on boating, safety, beach resorts and local tours.

boating safety tips

Boating Safety

Boating safety is a very important topic we want to share with our customers, in order to enjoy the charter to the max and still keep it safe. The main considerations for adults boarding a catamaran or yacht is to know that in some cases boarding takes place in a beach instead of a marina, so it takes getting barefoot into a fast boat that will in turn take customers into the docked vessels within minutes.

Puerto Plata yachting

Puerto Plata Yachting

Puerto Plata yachting is one of the most dynamic activities within the tourism market; as this coastal city’s DNA is structured around boating, cruising, diving, snorkeling, and water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing, laser sailing and other similar activities related to yachting. The North Dominican Republic is prime location for sports fishing too, notably with the yachts that depart from Ocean World Marina and Sosua Bay.

Puerto Plata resorts

Puerto Plata Resorts

This list of Puerto Plata resorts has the very best beach resorts in Playa Dorada, Costa Dorada, Maimon, Cabarete and Sosua. We chose to include the listings in video as it is a format that provides multiple angles and more content than static photos.

a view of a catamaran double hull

Monohull vs Multihull

One of the most interesting debates in the yachting world is the Monohull vs Multihull, which one to choose in terms of performance, stability, comfort, costs, speed, and other considerations depending on the usage you have for it.

Local Guides:

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